What are Fiverr briefs


Are you a freelancer looking for a platform to showcase your skills and get paid for your services? Look no further than Fiverr. what are Fiverr briefs? Fiverr is an online platform that connects freelancers with clients who require their services. It was founded in 2010 and has since grown to become one of the largest freelancing marketplaces in the world. The platform operates on a gig-based system, where freelancers offer their services, known as “gigs,” and clients can browse and hire them based on their needs.

This system ensures that freelancers know exactly what the client wants and can deliver work that meets those expectations. But how does Fiverr work, and how can you build a successful career on the platform? In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of Fiverr, from creating a profile to setting your rates, and provide tips for standing out and attracting clients. Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, or any other type of freelancer, Fiverr can be a valuable tool for building your business and reaching new clients. So let’s dive in and explore the exciting world of Fiverr.

Fiverr-Statistics: Interesting facts of Fiverr

Fiverr has more than 5.5 million active buyers

Active Fiverr Buyers

Active Fiverr Buyers


There are over 830,000 active freelancers

Active freelancer in Fiverr

Active freelancer in Fiverr


Age Distribution

age distribution on Fiverr

age distribution on Fiverr

Last three month Traffic

last three month usage


Top Category

top category on Fiverr


Top Country Usage

usage top countries


Fiverr reported revenue for Fiverr in 2022 was $337 million. and my prediction is goes to the 365$

Fiverr Revenue

Fiverr Revenue

The average order value on Fiverr is $50.

The most popular payment methods on Fiverr are PayPal, credit cards and payoneer.

popular payment method on Fiverr

popular payment method on Fiverr


Fiverr Usage male Vs Female 

male and female usage in Fiverr

male and female usage in Fiverr

According to Fiverr’s 2022 Seller Report, 52% of Fiverr users have a college degree. This means that 48% of Fiverr users do not have a college degree and are working on skills-based gigs.

The most common languages spoken by Fiverr users are English, Spanish, French, and German.

The most common occupations of Fiverr users are freelancers, students, and entrepreneurs.

How does Fiverr work?


On Fiverr, the process for completing jobs follows these steps:

Create a profile: To get started on Fiverr, you need to create a profile that highlights your skills and experience. Your profile should include a professional photo, a description of your services, and samples of your work.

Making gigs: After signing up and logging in, sellers can click on “Selling” and then “Gigs” to start creating a new gig. They choose a relevant category and subcategory, create a captivating title, and add a detailed description of their service. Sellers can set different pricing packages and add extras, specify gig requirements, and upload images or videos to showcase their work.

Buyers choose a freelancer:  After sending their job or project, to the freelancers. Buyers can review the proposals, which include details such as the freelancer’s price, delivery time, skills, and samples of their previous work. Based on these factors, buyers can make an informed decision and select the freelancer they believe is the most suitable for the job. This process allows buyers to find the right talent and expertise they need for their projects on Fiverr’s platform.

Freelancers complete the job: Once a buyer has selected a freelancer, the freelancer starts working on the project. They have a set amount of time to complete the task as agreed upon during the bidding process.

Freelancers submit the work: Once the freelancers finish the job, they submit the completed work to the buyer for review and approval.

Buyers approve or reject the work: Buyers review the work submitted by the freelancer. If they are satisfied with the results, they approve the work. Upon approval, the payment is released to the freelancer, and the transaction is completed. However, if the work does not meet the buyer’s requirements or expectations, they can reject it, and further revisions or discussions may take place.

In this way, Fiverr acts as an online platform connecting buyers and freelancers, facilitating the process of finding, hiring, and completing freelance projects in a secure and efficient manner.

Comprehensive Review and Rating System

Fiverr has implemented a comprehensive review and rating system to foster trust and credibility between freelancers and clients. This system allows clients to provide detailed feedback based on their experience working with freelancers. By sharing their thoughts, clients help future clients make informed decisions when selecting a freelancer for their project. The review and rating system plays a crucial role in establishing transparency and accountability on the platform.

Seller Levels for Performance Evaluation

Fiverr offers different seller levels, such as Level 1, Level 2, and Top-Rated Sellers, which serve as performance indicators for freelancers. These levels are based on various factors, including the quality of work, responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and adherence to Fiverr’s guidelines. By achieving higher seller levels, freelancers demonstrate their expertise and experience to potential clients. This feature simplifies the process for clients to find highly skilled professionals who have proven their capabilities and consistently delivered exceptional results.

Pricing and Earnings on Fiverr

Buyers pay Fiverr in advance. When an order is successfully delivered and completed, sellers receive 80% of the total order value. For example, if a service costs $5, the seller will receive 80% of that amount, which is $4, for a completed order. Please note that the exact percentage may vary depending on the seller’s level and any additional fees or deductions that may apply. It’s important for freelancers to review the current Fiverr fee structure and policies to ensure they have accurate information regarding the earnings they can expect from their completed orders.

Main Categories on Fiverr: Top Selling gigs on Fiverr


The categories available on Fiverr cover a wide range of services and skills. Here are more than 550 categories on Fiverr. Here are the main categories you can find on Fiverr:

1. Graphics & Design: This category includes services related to graphic design, logo design, illustrations, branding, packaging design, and more. Freelancers in this category can help create visually appealing and professional designs for various purposes.

2. Digital Marketing: Services in this category focus on helping businesses and individuals with their online marketing efforts. It includes services such as social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, email marketing, and digital advertising.

3. Writing & Translation: Freelancers in this category specialize in various forms of writing and translation services. It includes content writing, copywriting, blog writing, creative writing, proofreading, editing, and translation services for different languages.

4. Video & Animation: This category is dedicated to video production and animation services. Freelancers offer video editing, motion graphics, explainer videos, 2D/3D animation, video marketing, and other video-related services.

5. Music & Audio: Freelancers in the Music & Audio category provide services related to music composition, production, mixing, mastering, voice-over recording, sound effects creation, jingles, and audio editing.

6. Programming & Tech: This category focuses on technical skills and services related to software development, web development, mobile app development, database management, cybersecurity, IT support, and other programming and tech-related tasks.

7. Photography: Freelancers in this category specialize in photography services, including photo editing, retouching, product photography, event photography, portrait photography, and more.

8. Business: The Business category encompasses various services that help businesses thrive. It includes business consulting, market research, business planning, financial services, virtual assistance, project management, and other business-related tasks.

9. AI Services: With the growing importance of artificial intelligence (AI), Fiverr offers a dedicated category for AI services. Freelancers in this category provide expertise in AI-related tasks such as machine learning, data analysis, natural language processing, chatbot development, AI programming, and AI consulting. Whether clients need assistance with AI implementation, algorithm development, or AI-based solutions, they can find skilled freelancers in the AI Services category on Fiverr. This category caters to the increasing demand for AI expertise in various industries and offers opportunities for clients to leverage the power of AI to enhance their businesses.

How to make money on Fiverr without skills


If you want to earn money on Fiverr without skills then  These categories offer a glimpse into the diverse range of services available on Fiverr. Each category further expands into subcategories, allowing clients to find freelancers with specific expertise and skills to meet their unique requirements.

Beta reading: Beta readers provide feedback on written works, such as books, articles, or marketing materials. This is a potential line of work to pursue if you possess a great critical eye and the ability to deliver feedback that is both constructive and helpful.

Web research: Web researchers gather information from the internet. This can include anything from finding statistics to identifying potential customers. This can be a fantastic approach to earn money on Fiverr if you are skilled at locating information online.

Comment posting: Comment posters leave comments on social media posts, blogs, or websites. This may be a very effective approach to raise interest and boost website traffic. If you like to blog and use social media, this could be a great way to make money on Fiverr.

Removing backgrounds of images: Removing backgrounds of images is a task that can be easily automated. If you have some basic Photoshop skills, you can offer this service on Fiverr.

Link sharing: Sharing links to websites or articles on social media is known as link sharing. This may be a very effective approach to advertise a website or increase traffic to a particular page. If you have an extensive following on the internet, this might be an excellent method for making money from the tasks that you provide on Fiverr.

Data entry: The act of inputting data into a computer system is known as data entry. Although it can be a laborious effort, learning it is not too difficult. This might be a terrific method to earn money on Fiverr if you have excellent typing skills and an eye for detail.

No matter how talented you are, producing high-quality work is a need if you want to succeed on Fiverr.
You’ll also need to understand how to effectively market your services.

Benefits of using Fiverr for freelancers and businesses


Fiverr offers many benefits for both freelancers and businesses. Here are some of the key advantages of using Fiverr:

For freelancers: Access to a global marketplace: Fiverr connects you with clients from all over the world, which means you have access to a larger pool of potential clients.

Flexibility: As a freelancer, you have the freedom to choose which projects you want to work on and when you want to work. Fiverr allows you to set your own rates and work on projects that interest you.

Exposure: Fiverr is a popular platform that receives millions of visitors each month. By creating a profile on Fiverr, you can increase your exposure and attract more clients.

 Support: Fiverr offers a range of resources to help freelancers succeed, including a blog, forums, and customer support.

For businesses: Access to a pool of skilled freelancers: Fiverr has a large pool of freelancers with a wide range of skills and experience. This means businesses can find the right freelancer for their project quickly and easily.

 Cost-effective: Fiverr allows businesses to find skilled freelancers at a lower cost than hiring a full-time employee. This makes it a cost-effective solution for small businesses and startups.

 Flexibility: Fiverr allows businesses to hire freelancers on a project-by-project basis, which gives them the flexibility to scale their workforce up or down as needed.

Quality control: Fiverr’s brief system and review system ensure that businesses receive high-quality work from skilled freelancers.

How to build a successful career on Fiverr


Building a successful career on Fiverr takes time and effort, but the rewards can be significant. Here are some tips for building a successful career on Fiverr:

Creating a standout Fiverr profile

Use a professional photo: Your profile photo should be professional and reflect your brand or personality.

Write a compelling description: Your description should highlight your skills and experience and explain why you’re the right freelancer for the job.

Showcase your work: Include samples of your work in your profile to give clients a sense of your style and quality.

Use keywords: Use relevant keywords in your profile to make it easier for clients to find you.

Crafting an effective Fiverr gig

A Fiverr gig is a service offered by freelancers on the Fiverr platform, encompassing a wide range of categories such as graphic design, writing, programming, and more. Each gig is a customized offering with details including pricing, delivery time, and optional extras. Buyers can explore various gigs, select the one that suits their needs, place an order, and receive the completed service from the seller via the Fiverr platform. It provides a convenient marketplace for freelancers to showcase their skills and for buyers to find and hire talented individuals for specific tasks or projects. Sellers are allowed to create between 7 and 30 gigs. More gigs are available for sellers whose ranks are higher.

Choose a niche: Focusing on a specific niche can make it easier to attract clients and stand out from the competition.

Use clear and concise language: Your gig description should be easy to understand and highlight the benefits of your services.

Set competitive rates: Research what other freelancers are charging for similar services and set your rates accordingly.

Offer Extras: Offering extras, such as faster delivery or additional revisions, can make your gig more attractive to clients.

Tips for promoting your Fiverr gigs


Use social media: Social media is a great way to promote your Fiverr gigs and attract new clients.

Optimize your gig for SEO: Use relevant keywords in your gig title and description to make it easier for clients to find you in search results.

Offer discounts: Offering discounts to new clients or on bulk orders can help you attract more business.

Ask for reviews: Positive reviews can help you build a good reputation on Fiverr and attract more clients.

Common mistakes to avoid on Fiverr as Sellers

Common mistakes to avoid on Fiverr as Sellers

Overpromising: Be realistic about what you can deliver and set clear expectations with clients.

Underpricing: Setting your rates too low can make you appear less experienced and may attract low-quality clients.

Poor communication: Communication is key on Fiverr, so make sure you respond promptly to messages and keep clients updated on your progress.

Ignoring feedback: Feedback, both positive and negative, can help you improve your services and attract more clients.

Fiverr alternatives to consider


While Fiverr is a popular platform, it’s not the only option for freelancers and businesses. Here are some Fiverr alternatives to consider:

Upwork: Upwork is another popular online marketplace that connects freelancers with clients. Upwork offers a wide range of projects, including short-term and long-term assignments, and allows freelancers to set their own rates.
Freelancer : Freelancer is a global online marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers in a variety of fields, including writing, design, and programming. Freelancer allows freelancers to bid on projects and offers a range of payment options.
Guru : Guru is an online marketplace that connects freelancers with clients in a variety of industries. Guru offers a range of payment options, including hourly, fixed-price, and recurring payments.


Fiverr is an excellent platform for freelancers who want to showcase their skills and build a successful career. By creating a standout profile, crafting effective gigs, and promoting your services, you can attract clients and build a good reputation on the platform. Remember to communicate well with clients, deliver high-quality work, and ask for feedback to continuously improve your services. While there are other online marketplaces available, Fiverr offers a unique system of briefs that ensures freelancers know exactly what clients want and can deliver work that meets those expectations.


What is Fiverr app ?

Fiverr is an app that lets you hire freelancers to do a variety of tasks. It’s a great way to find affordable and talented help for your projects.

Can you create gigs on Fiverr app

Open the Fiverr app and log in to your account.
Tap on the My Profile tab.
Tap on Create a New Gig.
Fill out the required information, including your gig title, description, price, and images or videos.
Review your gig and make sure it meets Fiverr’s terms of service.
Submit your gig for review.

What is Fiverr ?

Fiverr is an online platform that connects freelancers with clients who require their services. It was founded in 2010 and has since grown to become one of the largest freelancing marketplaces in the world.

How much Fiverr pay to Seller ?

The seller will receive 80% of that amount

How to make money on Fiverr?

Choose a niche and offer high-quality services.
Be responsive to customer inquiries.
Promote your gigs on social media, through blog posts, and through video marketing.
Be patient and keep working hard.

How to make money on Fiverr without skills

Beta reading
Web research
Comment posting
Removing backgrounds of images
Link sharing
Data entry

How many gigs can I create on Fiverr level 1

As a Level 1 seller on Fiverr, you can create up to 15 active gigs.

How does Fiverr work

Fiverr is an online marketplace connecting freelancers (sellers) with clients (buyers). Sellers create “gigs” with defined services and prices. Buyers browse gigs, communicate with sellers, and place orders. After work completion, buyers can leave reviews, and sellers can earn higher levels based on performance. Fiverr manages payments and takes a service fee.

Is Fiverr legit

Yes, Fiverr is a legitimate website.

Top 10 most in-demand skills on Fiverr in 2023:

Graphic Design
Writing and Translation
Digital Marketing
Video Editing
Audio Editing
Virtual Assistance
Web Development
Business and Consulting

Tips for promoting your Fiverr gigs

Use social media
Optimize your gig for SEO
Offer discounts
Ask for reviews

Common mistakes to avoid on Fiverr as Sellers

Poor communication
Ignoring feedback

How many Buyers and Sellers on Fiverr ?

Fiverr has more than 5.5 million active buyers
There are over 830,000 active freelancers


Top Country Usage of Fiverr

United States 23.72 %
Pakistan 8.06 %
India 7.10 %
United Kingdom 5.49 %
Bangladesh 4.24 %

Fiverr revenue in 2023

Fiverr reported revenue for Fiverr in 2022 was $337 million. and my prediction is goes to the 365$

Best payment methods on Fiverr

Credit cards: 45%
PayPal: 35%
Fiverr Balance: 20%
Payoneer: 10%


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